July 13, 2012

Hey guys! I moved! Well, i moved back to tumblr. It's really hard for me to update 2 blogs, so i've moved back to www.annydums.tumblr.com 
Thank you to my followers here tho and maybe in the future i might update this again? Just maybe. :P

June 19, 2012

Finally got my very own Chinese stamp!! It's our tradition that when a child's born, he/she gets his/her own stamp and instead of signing papers, we use the stamp. 
I never got the chance to get my stamp done because i never really needed it, but now that i'm gonna be staying here in Taiwan longer it would really come in handy. Plus i've just opened my very own Taiwan bank account and a personal stamp is needed. 
Anywho, i guess it's a good start of a new lifestyle here in Taiwan.

 My aunt Grace
 we went to Tianmu to have dinner, it's about an hour away from our place but i got to see a different side of Taipei. 

 it's like i'm back in Manila, so much Filipinos in Tianmu.

June 05, 2012

out of town with family

Family reunion.  So we went out of town and it was tiring but totally worth it. I even got to ride the train!! :)
My outfit:

             what i usually do when i'm stuck in a cafe with mum

 mum singing at my uncle's place, mini stage

 how cool it even moves

June 01, 2012

April-May 2012(late post, again)
Of course, thanks to my awesome friends/models
Christian Matschuck, Jenny Kim, Ashley Dierckx, Benson Tsai

Christian tuning my guitar

                                                                              behind the scenes, in my closet

 Jenny Kim
 Jenny Kim wearing my auntie's hand me down 

Now if you're wondering who took these, it's my yaya, she's awesome 

 Ashley Dierckx

 Benson and i behind the scenes 

  Paparazzi shot

it was so much fun working with my friends