December 18, 2011


i love my school, i love my friends and i love parties 
when fashion students and teachers go wild.. 

 what i'm wearing:
top given by jamli poppers/sasha
skirt from Taiwan 
Heels from Taiwan
i did my own hair and make up :)
clip earring from my aunt (she used to be a singer so she had lots of those shinny shimmery stuff)
I really enjoyed dancing to songs from the 70's haha!


December 02, 2011


It's FRIDAY again! I love Fridays! and today's fashion friday theme is NEO
Here's what i wore

After watching the Victoria's Secret fashion show, i got really inspired and i had to bring this to school

we were dismissed early so...

Wangyu AND Dondi

Wanda's seductive look 

Inah and I 

For fashion conceptualization we had to wear an outfit based on our own mood board
 Here's how my mood board looks
and my designer of choice is Christian Dior (the new look)
this is Christian Dior's (the new look)
and so i had to create an outfit inspired by this plus a bit of London and Victorian

My DIY victorian hat made out of old shoe box 

after the presentation i wanted to wear my blazer so i used my knitted top as a scarf :)