November 30, 2011

Macau day1

(since we arrived like 9 in the evening the day before, so it doesn't count)

the beautiful Macau <3
Vegas in Asia!! 
we just got lost and it was really fun!!venetian so pretty and good thing they speak Mandarin else we'd be really lost.

November 28, 2011

how i spent my halloween (very late post)

october 28. 11
For fashion fridays our theme was halloween, my friends and i decided to be super heroes. I didn't know what to wear, i was panicking the night before. Good thing i found my old 'superman' tank top and so i deconstructed it a bit. Cut it into a cropped top, used the excess fabric and made a superman bracelet.

october 31.11 
Macau getaway with Alex
we've never been to Macau and we wanted to see the little vegas here in Asia so planned this little getaway for 3 days.


here's how Alex and i spent halloween 

i did her hair, make up and styling

we couldn't go out cause we're minors. :( 
instead, we just had a mini photo shoot in our hotel room.