May 31, 2012

It was my very first time to experience the night life of Boracay, last time i went to Boracay was with my family and i was just 8 years old so, no fun for me. Boracay is so beautiful and 3 days is just not enough. 
here's the link to my little video compilation of my trip:
  HAHAH this made me laugh, fresh coconut juice for sale, dude on a surf board came to our boat.

                                                         Fresh coconut juice (buko) my favorite

lol cristine and i experienced the "titanic" as you can see in this photo, the little boat (banka) is already starting to sink

May 30, 2012

hey guys i'm back !!

hey guys sorry i haven't been posting, but i'm back and i will try my best to keep ya'll posted :)

               with my cousin

      meet my cousin's new pet

so anyways, i'm back in Taipei and very busy university planning. Wish me luck!